Who should Frank Maynard  play his 99 holes of golf with?

On Friday, June 18, the UNC golf professional will play five and a half rounds from sunrise to sunset at Finley to contribute financial support for Folds of Honor, a PGA of America’s program that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled military service members.

Maynard’s goal is to raise $10,000 to fund two scholarships. If he wants to raise that much and more, here is who Maynard should play his five and a half rounds with, and invite the public to come watch and donate.

Begin the day with athletics director Bubba Cunningham, who is an excellent golfer and starts work at sunrise anyway. Granted, Bubba won’t be much of a gallery draw, so he’s better off playing 18 and being in the office by 9:30.

Maynard’s next 18 holes should be with Roy Williams, who is retired and playing a lot of golf these days anyway. Roy is trying to get his handicap back into single digits, so who better to play with than the UNC golf pro to give him some tips on how to do that?

After that, could come Mia Hamm, the greatest woman soccer player in Tar Heel history who is petite but can crush it off the tee almost 300 yards. Mia can also bring along her husband, former baseball great Nomar Garciaparra, to help the draw by signing autographs for donations throughout the round.

Next would come former UNC punter Johnny Elam, who is also one of the great amateurs in the history of North Carolina golf, winning tournaments ever since he left the football field.

During the late afternoon hours, how would it be to have Michael Jordan show up and play the next 18 with Maynard? MJ is still the greatest draw in Carolina and sports history, and word of his arrival would have the parking lot at Finley filled.

And to finish the day with nine holes, Maynard should invite 12-year-old junior golfer Charlie Woods and his famous father Tiger, who can ride around in a cart with his son while he is recuperating from a leg injury.

Sign up Bubba, Roy, Mia, Johnny Elam, Jordan and Charlie and Tiger Woods, and you would have the best celebrity golf event ever at Finley for just the right cause.

And invite me to come out and cover it – all 99 holes – and I’ll be there, too!

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