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At the UNC School of Law, Erika Wilson researches laws and policies that may affect educational equality for disadvantaged students. She is dedicated to ensuring all students have access to good schools.

“So the thing that drew me to this area is actually my own family background,” Wilson said. “My parents grew up in the south and they went through high school in terms of their level of education and they always pushed me to go to college and beyond.

“So I’m the first person in my family to graduate from college and certainly to go beyond and get postgraduate education.”

Professor Wilson directs clinics at the UNC School of Law that gives students real life legal experience.

“Our students learn how to be lawyers by handling real cases with real clients,” Wilson said. “I always ask people, would you ever go to a doctor who’s fresh out of medical school but had never seen a patient before? And they say, of course not.

“But when it comes to lawyers, this actually happens all the time that students go through three years of law school, never having talked to a real client or worked on a real case. And so our clinics changed that model by giving students an opportunity to work on real cases with real clients.”