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A professor with the UNC School of Government, Anita Brown-Graham focuses on developing opportunities and removing barriers to create jobs for North Carolina residents, especially those who live in distressed communities.

“ncIMPACT is a new initiative of the UNC School of Government that seeks to help local communities respond to the most complex challenges they face. The basic premise of the initiative is these are not problems that arise within any single discipline and if the university is going to meet its mission of service and be of value to these communities, it means that you’re going to have to work across disciplines.”

Part 1

ncIMPACT has put people back to work in a state that has four percent unemployment. Professor Brown-Graham says this includes disenfranchised veterans and those with disabilities.

“As a matter of both public and private policy, we’re beginning to see a lot more work opportunity for such people. We also in North Carolina have a significant number of people who were in the military, are now veterans or trained for important roles but who sometimes struggle to translate to translate for employers how that training prepares them for civilian work.”

Part 2