iOS 6. Mixed feelings from most people. But from me, praise. To me, the maps app  is just as good as the old maps, in that the new features offset or even outweigh the loss of labeling. Siri is so much better. New stores. So much more is calling my name, begging for me to install it on my first generation iPad.
But wait – I can’t! iOS 6 is not compatible with the first generation iPad! And that, I’ll say, is a stupid move. People who own first generation iPads were the people who were their early adopters, who not only loved their product enough to buy it so early, but who made it so popular!
These people are the success of the iPad! And by not allowing iOS 6 to the first generation iPad, Apple is saying, “You people who made our product so successful are not important. We don’t care about you.” Seriously, Apple?
Not only is it odd morally, but it’s also odd technically. You see, iOS 6 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS. Now get this: the first generation iPad is more powerful than the iPhone 3GS! So why is the 3GS compatible when the first generation is not?

I do respect that Apple tried really hard to get it to work as far back as the 3GS on the iPhone lineup, but 1) why not do the same on the iPad lineup, and 2) the iPad people are the originals there, while the 3GS people are the third generation people there.

So why? This is odd for any other computer company, but even more so for Apple. Usually, Apple has a good reason for what it does. But when their decisions are this big, well, it’s only fair to explain why.
If they do in fact have a good reason, and they released it, maybe I wouldn’t be so frustrated. But Apple, even your secrecy has to end somewhere, doesn’t it?
What are your thoughts on this issue? Are you stuck on the same sinking boat as I am? Or are you safely on the stable iPad 2 and third generation boat? Let me know in the comments below.