“High of 56 degrees.” I’m looking at my weather app, deciding what to wear that day. My mind wanders back a few weeks…
“High of 93 degrees.” I’m looking at my weather app, deciding what to wear that day. I then give my mom the forecast as I’m thinking: “Ugh, too hot.”
Well,  I’m not thinking that now, and I certainly won’t be in, say, a month. But honestly, I’m really glad.
You see, I prefer colder weather to hotter weather. Yes- part of it is the “you can always have more layers, but you can’t always have less” idea. But there’s more:
Another part might be school. If you remember my Back to School column, you’ll know that I love school. So how is that related to weather? Well, we’re almost always in school during the winter (except for winter and Thanksgiving breaks), but during the summer, we’re out of school for a couple of months.
But there’s more. With winter comes, of course, the holidays. We all have a favorite part of the holiday season. For some, it’s the decorations. For others, it might be the gifts or parties. For me, it’s a combination.
With the holidays comes the spirit. As you’re driving through Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, or wherever, people are celebrating with the bright decorations of a wreath, a Christmas tree, a menorah, and/or all kinds of things.
There are so many holidays being celebrated during this time with all of the diverse religions in the area. And then, within each of those holidays, everyone has there own way of celebrating. To me, it’s just so much fun to see all of these celebrations. (To view some of these festivities yourself, check out Chapelboro’s calendar.)
So all of these build up for me  the fact that I definitely prefer cold over hot. Cool over warm. However you put it.
But what’s your opinion? Are you like me in that you love cold weather? Or would you prefer to be hot? And what’s your favorite part about either the winter or the summer? Let me know in the comments below.