Very few of us will ever get to prove our strength of character on a public stage. We may make moral and brave choices but most of us will do so in a situation known to only a few and, very likely, that decision will impact very few (unless it’s a Butterfly Effect situation).

One man has the opportunity to be brave right now and probably at some sacrifice. House Speaker John Boehner has the power to end the government shutdown, but he doesn’t have the courage to do so. It appears that if he brings a clean (non-Obamacare-related) continuing resolution to a vote, moderate Republicans and Democrats would likely support it and people could get back to work and get paid for it. They could inspect food and open parks and look for a cure for cancer.

Why is he not taking the opportunity to stand up for the democratic process, to stand up to extremism (that’s in opposition to a legitimately passed law)? Because he’s afraid those extremists will cause him to lose his very powerful position.

He is so afraid of losing his power that he apparently has already given it up. His fear has caused him to let others determine how he governs. If others are pulling the strings, does he really still have power?

I think I feel sorry for John Boehner because he is fighting to keep something that may remain in name only. But I feel more sorry for him because he’s getting the opportunity to demonstrate his backbone, his strength of character on a national world stage and instead of being a hero and a leader, he’s looking over his shoulder.

I sure hope I’m raising my son to be stronger and braver than that.