Today is Thursday, August 25, 2016.  A North Carolina church is holding “Racists Anonymous” meetings to fight racism.  Is the world ending?  Who does housework?

Racists Anonymous

Trinity United Church of Christ in Concord, North Carolina is holding “Racists Anonymous” meetings.  The goal is the fight racism.  The meetings are led by a licensed therapist and follow the traditional 12-step model.

Is the World Ending?

A new theory is suggesting that the world could end in September.  The claim is that Earth will collide with a hidden planet called “Nibiru” or “Planet X.”

This guy has a YouTube channel, so you know he’s serious.

Who Does Housework?

Women still do most of the housework.  The American Sociological Association studied this.  They even found that with same sex couples, the more feminine partner is expected to do the housework.

But, the times are changing.  Researchers claim that within a decade men will be doing the lion’s share of some tasks, specifically laundry.