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Show Us the Receipts

A perspective from Spring Dawson-McClure


Bonnie Hauser’s May 1 opinion piece in the News of Orange complains that she has been called a neonazi. I understand how deeply offensive this could be if true. Please come forward with the evidence; I’d like to be among the first to denounce this. Otherwise, it’s “ugly words, no evidence” to borrow a phrase from her piece. This epithet has not appeared on any official opposition communication. I also have never seen or heard it in print or social media or in person.  To suggest that this was the overall tone of the opposition to Hauser’s campaign is disingenuous and untrue. It would be upsetting indeed if the Holocaust were being used simply for political gain.

Hauser has complained widely about a dirty campaign and name calling. Again, show us the receipts. Her complaints eerily echo another political figure that rails about his adversaries when he is the one actually engaging in those practices. One only has to look as far as the Orange County Republican Party chairperson’s Facebook posts on Orange County Local stumping for Hauser, calling supporters of the opposition “Woke Crazies” and purposefully misspelling names to demean. Or, Hauser calling her opponents extremists in her opinion piece.

Hauser is offended to be labeled as conservative but she consistently votes with the more conservative members of the school board. One such member spoke publicly in favor of restricting students’ access to books the Moms for Liberty deem controversial. And yes, she did vote to approve the Equity Policy and against banning books. But, these were unanimous votes of the board. Curious though that a self-avowed progressive has the chairperson of the OC Republican Party drumming up votes for her.

Hauser mistakenly suggests her March 5 loss by 482 votes is due to dirty politics when it is actually a legitimate expression of dislike for some of her school board votes and for the mean-spirited politics she has benefited from in this race.

The solution is to send these folks a strong message that we support civil campaigning and basic values affirming the importance of equity and excellence for our students. Thus, I will be checking the box by her opponent’s name in the May 14th runoff election.


Spring Dawson-McClure, PhD

Mother of 6th and 8th graders in OCS


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