You’re doing a crossword puzzle. 10 letters, across, first letter “b” seventh letter “s.” The clue is “Where you can have a pint of draft beer while browsing a wide selection on shelves.”

The answer, of course, is your friendly neighborhood bottle shop, and it’s an idea that’s been trending upwards in the craft beer world for quite some time, with no signs of slowing down soon.

Carrboro Beverage Co. is one such a place. A stealthy retreat for craft beer lovers, the place isn’t exactly what you’d call spacious. But this building boasts a bevy of bottles – and cans – encapsulating the broad spectrum of the beer world, from import brews brought across the pond to a vast selection of homegrown North Carolina-made product. It’s almost hard to believe that Carrboro Beverage Co. has 32 taps, presenting itself as a solid rival to its parent company next door, Tyler’s Taproom on Main Street when it comes to scratching that draft beer itch.

A dedicated cooler features North Carolina beers, and invites patrons to peruse it and other selections at their leisure. That’s the low-key advantage of a bottle shop: all the choice of a high-end biergarden at the pace of a local grocery store. While shopping, you can snag a short pour of White Street Brewing Co.’s Hopical Island – a seasonal IPA with citrusy notes that serve to conjure images of palm trees and pineapples. Hopical Island is a session-able beer at a mild 4.5 ABV and not overly bitter; there’s less than 50 IBUs to keep picky palates satisfied.

White Street Brewing Co. is a Wake Forest-based brewery that was first put on the craft beer map by its flagship Kolsch. It’s a light, crisp beer – a quaffable German-style lager with a Riesling-like flavor profile which makes it an excellent gateway beverage for your “I only drink wine” friends.

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