Looking for stylish threads at a great value? Think outside the typical retail box. You can find gently used stylish clothing and accessories at a resale boutique, possibly right around the corner from where you work or live here in Chapel Hill.

Meet Ecaterina Boboc, owner of Mia’s Closet Boutique in north Chapel Hill.  She recently shared her story with The Fashion Plate.


Ecaterina, tell us your story. What brought you to Chapel Hill and where are you from originally?

In 2016 my husband and I relocated to Chapel Hill from Miami.

Robert is from Cuba, and I am Romanian. We met in Miami in the summer of 2013 and since the inception of our relationship we had planned to move to North Carolina.

That became reality in April of 2016.


Give readers a history of the birth and evolution of Mia’s Closet Boutique.

Mia’s Closet Boutique was opened in June of 2016 in Durham, NC.

Shortly after we opened it and we became more familiar with the area, we relocated it to the Timberlyne Shopping Center in Chapel Hill where we have been since March of 2017.

We are now located on the main side of the plaza in between two great restaurants.


How much do current trends influence the merchandise you include at Mia’s?

At Mia’s Closet Boutique we follow style and not trends.

Unique, timeless pieces take precedence to what is trendy this season/year in our store.

In Coco Chanel’s words, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”


What treasures can we find at Mia’s?

You can find carefully curated pieces of clothing and jewelry plus a personalized shopping experience with one-on-one styling tips.


How do your clients influence the pieces you buy?

Our main criteria for purchasing new inventory are based on our customers’ wants and needs.

I am always searching for those unique items that our customers desire to add to their collection.


Tell us about the consignment process and what you are looking for from sellers in the community.

Mia’s Closet Boutique is not a consignment store, it is a resale boutique.

We buy carefully inspected inventory out right that we price for resale. We look for unique pieces that are kept in good condition.


What sets Mia’s apart from the resale retail pack?

  • Our personalized customer service and attention to detail
  • Putting our relationship with our customers before the transaction
  • Making sure each guest feels cared for and appreciated when visiting us
  • Great inventory that is priced to sell


What or who are the inspirations that have influenced your career path and led you to opening Mia’s?

I am passionate about fashion, and I have a background in hospitality and public relations.

Mia’s Closet Boutique came about as an extension to an eBay store I had for years.

Opening a brick and mortar felt right for us; an opportunity to really showcase my passion for fashion and help bring joy to women through styling.


And I couldn’t resist asking this question. Who is Mia?

That’s my nickname at home! My husband calls me Mia which means “mine” in Spanish.


What are the best ways to learn more about Mia’s Closet Boutique?

Mia’s Closet Boutique is still new in the Chapel Hill area.

You may hear about us from your neighbor or friend, from a coupon I personally delivered to your office, church, apartment complex or from advertising on social media.

We are currently on Facebook as miasclosetboutique and Instagram @miascloset2016


Visit Mia’s Closet Boutique at the Timberlyne Shopping Center at 1129 Weaver Dairy Road in

Chapel Hill. Or call Ecaterina at 919-519-4640 with any questions.

And Happy Shopping!