Alexandria (right) and her cupcakes! photo by Alexandria Morrow

Alexandra Marrow has always loved baking. From playing with her Easy Bake Oven at 4 to binge watching the Food Network as a young girl, baking has been a passion of hers from the beginning. At age 13, after perfecting a pound cake recipe passed down from her mother, Alexandria began selling cakes to friends and family. They were extremely popular at church and family gatherings. She started Sweets by Alexandria, a small business that specializes in cakes and cupcakes, at age 18. The Sweets by Alexandria kiosk is located at Southpoint Mall near Macy’s and Sears, right in front of Bath and Body Works.


Menu. photo by Jasmin Flack

Alexandria wakes up early every morning to bake fresh products for Sweets by Alexandria. Some of her signature flavors include Red Ruby, Cookies and Cream, and White Chocolate Raspberry. Red Ruby is a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Alexandria stated, “Our red velvet is our #1 bestseller. It’s an absolute treat. We can’t keep them on the shelves. It’s the one cupcake that, if it were the only thing we had on the shelves, we’d be A OK.”

All of the other flavors are delicious too. Employee Angelika Zelko confessed to trying “every single flavor” and liking them all. Alexandria personally bakes every product using only organic and local dairy ingredients. Along with her cupcakes, she also sells cakes, pound cakes, and jars. Her cake jars are very popular and sell all across the United States.


Kiosk. photo by Alexandria Marrow

A large part of what has made Sweets by Alexandria so successful is its small business feel. Each and every product is made with quality and care.

Because she bakes them all herself, Alexandria is able to take the time to perfect her recipes and make sure every cupcake is made to her standards. She said, “I love being creative and being able to wake up and do what I love on a daily basis.” Not only does she love baking, but she loves every other aspect of running a business as well.

One facet of her business she’s enjoyed developing is advertising. “I really want to offer an innovative twist in the way we advertise our products,” said Alexandria. Her latest advertising campaign does just that by highlighting her unique perspective as a young business owner and using social media. She gathered friends and organized photo shoots to market her products in a fun, exciting way. These images are featured on the business’ website and Instagram and have drawn a lot of attention from young customers.

Alexandria has big plans for her business. She has been looking into opening a Sweets by Alexandria storefront in North Carolina and eventually in cities across the U.S. “My goal is to grow and expand while still always maintaining the same quality and attention to small details.”

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