There is no question that parents are busy these days. With both parents working full-time jobs, finding a way to shuttle your kids from one after school activity to the next can seem impossible.

Stacy Shannon, a busy mom of three school-aged children, received an email for her son’s spring lacrosse schedule. Practices were scheduled for 5 p.m. two days a week. Shannon worked until 5:30 p.m. during the week, and needed a solution to get her son to practice on time. After contemplating all her options, there just wasn’t one that was going to work. That’s when Shannon said she had her “ah-ha!” moment.

“I thought,” said Shannon, “Why isn’t there a ride share service, but for kids – like if Uber and had a baby?”

As a mom herself, Shannon believes in safety first. All GoKart drivers have at least five years of child care experience and must love kids. Drivers are interviewed by the senior team at GoKart, subjected to a seven-year federal and multi-jurisdictional background check and must have a clean driving record from the DMV and a current driver’s license. Every vehicle is inspected and must be from 2006 or newer.

GoKart will transport children ages six to 17. They provide booster seats if required, and will install them according to manufacturer recommendations

After a driver drops off a child the parents will receive a text message to inform them their child has reached their destination. “One of my main objectives is to find an in-house information technology partner and create a version one beta app that will automate that via text, as well as allow parents to book multiple rides at once,” said Shannon.

GoKart currently conducts business all-around the Triangle area including Chapel Hill and Durham. “We are a common sighting at The Hill Center and Durham Academy.”

Recently, Shannon was accepted into the Launch Chapel Hill accelerator program. She will begin working in the downtown office, July 24 and encourages parents who are interested in GoKart to come by, chat and learn more.

To book your child’s ride with GoKart, simply visit and register for an account. Once your account is verified you can log into the parent portal and start booking rides. Just like on the Uber app, you type in your pickup and drop off locations and price is calculated for you. Currently there is no mobile app, but an app is part of the bigger plan. “I will most likely host an open house of app developers willing to work on an equity basis and become a partner with GoKart at this startup level.”

If you are passionate about child care and looking for a job as a driver at GoKart you can apply by calling or emailing Shannon directly. She can be reached at 919-428-7784 or via email at

“It is very important that I interview everyone and that all drivers have the background and the heart needed for safely driving children to their next destination,” said Shannon. “I also hire on need in specific locations. For example, if I see an increase in business in Chapel Hill, I need to hire more drivers in that area. It’s a fine balance of hiring drivers and the parent’s needs.”

GoKart is providing a service to the community that busy parents need. Are you ready to give it a try?