Piedmont Health’s PACE SeniorCare program is still taking care of patients who are mostly staying at home during COVID-19. Medical Director Dr. Sharon Reilly and her staff are doing their best to keep spirits up at the PACE SeniorCare Centers in Burlington and Pittsboro, where patients and participants are gradually returning each day. Dr. Reilly spends two days a week at the Pittsboro center and three days a week in Burlington overseeing the operation.

Having been involved with other community health centers, Medical Director Dr. Reilly considers Piedmont Health and the PACE program a fabulous place to work. Even during the pandemic, she and her staff at the PACE SeniorCare centers embrace the philosophy of helping patients live an independent life in the comfort of their homes with all the care that is required. They look forward to both centers being full again with nearly 100 participants.

Dr. Reilly tries to make sure the participants who would normally come to the centers remain active and part of a community. Beyond regular scripted phone calls with staff members who check on their specific conditions and needs, they have regular ZOOM calls with multiple participants, offering videos to help seniors exercise while both standing up and sitting down.  They even have a ZOOM Bingo, one of the most popular activities.

At the Piedmont Health PACE SeniorCare centers, medications are delivered to homes of patients, where they can also get tested for COVID19. Dr. Reilly’s staff oversees the individually prepared medications in bubble packs clearly marked for morning, noon and night dosages. The goal of the Piedmont Health SeniorCare staff is that patients do not consider going to emergency rooms or into nursing homes if their symptoms worsen.

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