With nine bedrooms, over a hundred acres of land and ten full bathrooms to perfectly coif your hair in, the Edwards estate is the stuff of dreams for North Carolina homeowners. If it ever gets sold, that is.

Lucky for folks in a high tax bracket and looking for a relative bargain, the price of the 26,000 square foot home just dropped to $5.9 million, a cool million lower than the original asking price.

Former Democratic senator and presidential candidate John Edwards built the home with his late wife and moved into the gated property with his family in 2006, immediately following his unsuccessful pursuit of the vice presidency alongside John Kerry.

In 2011, Edwards was charged with six felony charges of violating campaign contribution laws used to cover up an affair, accepting more than $900,000 from two donors to keep his mistress out of the public eye. The trial was later declared a mistrial, and public notoriety – or infamy, depending on who you talk to – isn’t doing Edwards any favors when it comes to moving his mansion off the market.

Public records show that Edwards purchased the land in 2004 for just over $1 million, and the current estate includes not only a gorgeous mansion but also a full-size basketball court complete with Tar Heel paint, an indoor heated pool, home gym, two separate locker rooms, a sauna, handball court, home theater, game room and four-car garage.

With a distinct lack of interest from residential buyers, listings have begun to court other potential new owners by advertising the location as a potential place for business retreats or as a luxurious ranch. According to 2017 property records, the location has a tax value of $4.45 million.

Edwards is reportedly listing the house due to a lengthy commute to the Raleigh branch of Edwards Kirby, his law firm.