Singer-songwriter Doriana Spurrell joined Aaron on Live & Local this week, following the release of her debut EP “Forward.”

Spurrell’s now in college, but she started writing the songs on “Forward” back in high school, around the start of the pandemic. She recorded the EP earlier this year at Carrboro’s Nightsound Studios, with a team of musicians that included her first-ever guitar teacher, Billie Feather. (Spurrell had already been teaching herself guitar before taking lessons, though: she says she started by picking up a guitar and figuring out how to play Green Day’s “Good Riddance.”)

Doriana Spurrell stopped by Live & Local to chat about the EP, her personal influences, the relationship between songwriting and poetry, and more – and she also played two songs, “Sunday” and “Never Needed Words.” Listen below: does not charge subscription fees, and you can directly support our efforts in local journalism here. Want more of what you see on Chapelboro? Let us bring free local news and community information to you by signing up for our biweekly newsletter.