Tameka TisdaleThis week’s Hometown Hero is Tameka Tisdale-Williams. She works in the Administrative Services department at Orange County Emergency Services and recently organized an event that provided 200 backpacks filled with school supplies to elementary students in Hillsborough and surrounding areas.

Tisdale-Williams organized the event with her husband, Tyrone. It was held at the Farmer’s Market Pavilion in Hillsborough on July 15, and provided 200 backpacks filled with essential school supplies to students in need. According to Williams, she came up with the idea to do such an event last year, but this year she successfully secured enough sponsors and made her idea a reality.

“Actually, last year, it was put on my heart by God,” said Tisdale-Williams. “This year I just went for it! I stepped out on faith and I went for it.”

Families who have a child in elementary school were eligible to register for a book bag, and the event was organized with lower-income families in mind. Families who attended the event were also welcomed with a cookout and other back-to-school giveaways.

“I know from being in Orange County that there are a lot of families that need these services,” said Tisdale-Williams.

One organization, who requested to remain anonymous, donated the school supplies that filled the book bags. The supplies donated included subject books, folders, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, glue sticks, colored pencils and markers.

“This is very important,” said Tisdale-Williams. “Especially for the parents to not have to worry about it. The kids are excited that they have everything they need. They can be more focused on learning and seeing their new friends.”