Our WCHL Hometown Hero this week is Stan Newsome, a school resource officer at Culbreth Middle
School. Newsome has been a part of the local police force since 2000, moving through positions as a parole officer and investigator before taking his current post as school resource officer.

“He’s really interested in mentoring young people, and particularly engaged in Culbreth; including in after school events, athletics, that kind of thing,” said Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue. “We’re really proud of Stan, he’s a wonderful representative of our community and we love the work he does.”

A former student at Culbreth, Leanne Joyce, founded a non-profit called “Positive Impact for Children.” Newsome has been extensively involved with the charity and a strong voice for its cause in the community, helping Positive Impact for Children make a difference in the lives of children and teenagers receiving inpatient medical care. From iPads and gaming systems to gift cards and laptops, the charity has made a mission of relieving some of the anxiety and pain associated with intensive medical treatment.

Though she has long since graduated Culbreth middle school, Joyce continues to find a friend and advisor in Newsome, and his continual efforts to improve the lives of others through both direct action and positive encouragement haven’t gone unnoticed.

“He’s one of those employees who you give him an opportunity to do something above and beyond his normal duties, he never questions it,” said Blue. “He doesn’t ask ‘why are you asking me to do this,’ he actually appreciates that we see in him something extra, and it’s so nice to see him embrace outreach opportunities or opportunities to support someone as he has the Positive Impact for Kids. It’s just a joy to have employees like that who represent us so well, who represent everything that’s right about police department and our town.”