Justin Herman is this week’s Hometown Hero. He founded the Super Cooper Red Wagon Foundation six years ago to help families get by financially and emotionally while someone they love is being treated at local hospitals.

“The Super Cooper Little Red Wagon Foundation was founded as a result of our son, Cooper, who, when he was two years old, was diagnosed with a brain tumor,” Herman said during an interview on WCHL’s The Aaron Keck Show. “He had a four-year fight and unfortunately is no longer with us. But, as a result, we met a lot of families along the way that were coming into UNC and Duke Hospitals who needed support.”

Herman said that, when his family was dealing with Cooper’s illness, they lived locally and had a great support system. But some families aren’t so lucky.

“A lot of these people are coming from all over the state, in fact all over the country, and so they don’t have that network,” Herman said. “We try to provide that network for them while they’re here, financially as well as socially and mentally.”

The Super Cooper Red Wagon Foundation is hosting its next big event on September 16 – the Super Cooper Rock and Run.

For more information on that event, as well as others, you can visit supercooperwagon.org.