Jim Warren: Hometown HeroJim Warren is this week’s Hometown Hero.  He is the executive director of NC WARN, a nonprofit based in Durham that is committed to being a watchdog of the electric power industry.

The nonprofit focuses on climate change and environmental impact, with intents on changing the course of the Charlotte-based Duke Energy, the largest corporate electric utility in the world.

“Changing Duke energy’s course to a clean energy economy can really make a difference globally,” Warren said.  “With this whole climate disruption that is advancing so rapidly.”

Warren says as he became more aware of what was going on in the world, he was drawn to becoming more involved.  He advocates for the fact that climate change and sea level rise are well under way, while also pushing for a decrease in the carbon footprint of North Carolina.

“We have to get more people taking modest steps to try to help the social movement to reverse the course of [climate change],” said Warren.

From their website:

“NC WARN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization tackling the accelerating crisis posed by climate change by building people power for a swift North Carolina transition to clean power, and by promoting energy and climate justice.”