This week’s Hometown Heroes are Elizabeth and David Fitzgerald, who are moving to Malawi to practice medicine. Elizabeth is a pediatric emergency doctor at UNC while David is an infectious disease doctor at Duke and both have spent several years treating very ill children in Malawi.

The pair are sponsoring the 24 Hour Run and Celebration at Southern Village, which helps raise funds for the Malawi Children’s Initiative.

“Malawi Children’s initiative was created in 2017 by my husband and myself,” Elizabeth said. “As a way to bridge the communities here in Chapel Hill and in Malawi where we have been working and where we lived for two years and where we will be moving back to in July.

“As a mother of five, I think the take home message is that these mothers and these parents love their children just as much as we do and that these children feel pain and fear and suffer just as much as our children would and we have the direct opportunity here to improve their care and give them a chance to survive and thrive and grow and play.”