Did you start to fall in love with movement (even just a little) after reading my last blog? Here’s another great tip to help you use everyday movement be fit and healthy – without upending your life.

Did you know that you can use your commute to soothe your shoulders and rev up your abs?

Instead of hunching over the wheel or leaning back low rider style, shift into an upright position. Now, roll the shoulders back and down until they are in the 12 o’clock position.


Let your shoulders stay relaxed while you reach your arms to the wheel. You’ll not only get rid of that road-rage neck crunch, you’ll also strengthen the muscles that stabilize the shoulders, helping you to feel more relaxed all day long.

Onto the abs, first start by thinking about your hips like headlights. This gal here has them:


Just like we don’t want to swerve the car and get pulled over, we don’t want to let the hips get pulled off to the side. Square the hips and you’ll shift your weight from your lower back (ouch!) and onto your tush. You’re in the perfect position to give your belly a little squeeze. Breathe normally and enjoy the ride!

This is Part 2 of a 3-Part series on falling in love with movement.  Read Part 1:  Simple Rule to Keep You Fit and Healthy.

Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan is the owner of Fitness in Chapel Hill. Join her for a free BLAST (Balance, Lengthen, Align, Slim, and Tone) trial class so you can target the core like never before. www.bellyblastfitness.com You can also catch her bellydancing at Kipos on West Franklin every Friday and Saturday night.