It really stinks to realize you’ve been duped. Well, here’s the bad news, we’re all a bunch of suckers for sugar. The New York Times brought this issue to light recently with their article How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat. The sugar industry, like the tobacco industry, long knew the dismal health results of their products and worked very hard to deflect blame.sugar

As a certified weight management specialist, I see my clients struggle (and succeed!) as they attempt to resist the call of the carb. It gets much easier if you reset your taste buds. Avoiding temptation becomes simple when you loose your desire for sweets. Take it from me, I am a reformed sugar mega-addict. 

Here are some quick tips to jumpstart a sweeter life, without sugar. Start by cooking as much of your food yourself as you can stand. Cut out flavored beverages, avoid jarred sauces and soups with added sugars, and stick to whole grain carbohydrates. You’ll notice that increasing fiber, fat, and protein in your diet help you feel fuller, longer. As an added bonus, you will avoid the highs and lows of the sugar cycle.

But don’t take it from me. Really, there are some amazing resources coming into the mainstream. Two exemplary books came out recently that are required reading for anyone looking to kick the sugar habit. Check out Always Hungry by David Ludwig and Eat Fat, Get Thin by Mark Hyman. Both of these books lay out the science of how sugar wreaks havoc on our sense of hunger and present very do-able action plans. 

Good luck, and may life be intrinsically sweet for you, no sugar added. 

Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan is the owner of Fitness in Chapel Hill. Join her for a free BLAST (Balance, Lengthen, Align, Slim, and Tone) trial class so you can target the core like never before. Learn more at You can also catch her bellydancing at Kipos on West Franklin every Friday and Saturday night.

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