Get More Rich! (Yes, Penny confirmed for me that she’s heard those word play jokes about her all her life.)

This week we hear once again from Penny Rich, who IS an Orange County Commissioner, but is also a personal chef. SO this week, it’s all about FOOD!

Penny tell us about the many reasons that people hire a personal chef and that you don’t have to be Oprah to afford these important services. Folks with dietary challenges like food allergies really benefit from a consultation with a personal chef. Penny helps families with creating menus, meal planning and preparation and much more.

Easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables is very important for all of us and Penny talks about the need for this in Chapel Hill. The best part of the interview is Penny’s Family Holiday Disaster Story (we all have one!). ¬†Holy cow! You’ll never think of pecan pie the same way!