Finally, it looks and feels like springtime! We’ve ridden the wacky weather roller coaster all the way through the first quarter of 2018, and now spring has officially arrived and it’s time to start getting a wardrobe ready to match. Spring is a time to refresh your style, to take out the old and bring in the new!

So, what’s trending now? As is spring tradition, pastels, florals and sheer accents are all in style again, but there’s a few new touches that just might push your look over the top:

Statement Patches & Dimensional Details — Three-dimensional appliqué, dazzling embellishments and other touchable details can help to attract attention and add eye-catching touches to your everyday basics. As far as fabric goes, denim is a prime candidate to update with a little 3D fashionable fun!

Straps — Strappy hour has arrived! Strappy details can add an edgy touch to your look and elevate essentials like T-shirts into must-have enviables. Straps are the new cut-out: think strappy tops, dresses, bathing suits and — of course — shoes. Straps can stun from every angle, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild!

Ruffles — Get ruffled… in a good way! Ruffles are a feminine detail and a forever favorite in both single-tiered and asymmetrical design. People have loved this look across generations, and it’s especially at home in more dressed-up and formal situations. If you’ve got a spring or summer wedding to attend, ruffle it up and turn some heads.


Mix-and-Match — Two-piece sets can be vastly different, yet still match effortlessly together. A mix-and-match approach can open up a bevvy of options that could only be available for a cohesive outfit that’s just as versatile apart. It’s a great approach to take when packing, and the possibilities can be endless!

The New Slant — Asymmetrical can be extremely flattering, and the right slant can make all the difference! From necklines to hemlines, modern asymmetrical pieces are created for compliments. Combine ruffles with something asymmetrical, and you have one of my favorite looks.

Swimwear — Over-the-top swim trends are making waves in unexpected suits, from metallic and sequins to velvet (yes, velvet!) and beyond. Dimensional details like grommets, mesh and fringe will get noticed, and a runway-worthy swimsuit can go a long way toward getting you resort-ready for your next tropical getaway or beach vacation — or just for lounging by the pool or in your backyard. Summer is right around the corner, after all!