Everyone Has a Story

By Nerys Levy

Our country has just undergone a divisive election campaign which has dominated the airwaves for close to two years. Many inherent hatreds have been unearthed and aired in the open sometimes resulting in violence.

We are all one people living in this country with a historical mantra enshrined in the laws of acceptance, good will and caring for one’s neighbor. Nevertheless, we cannot deny or overlook the deep discrepancies between rich and poor, digital divides and the issues of racial bias and gender profiling –these are real issues for those who are enduring such situations at the expense of the uncaring.

All that being said, violence and hatred will not solve these situations. Understanding, education and respect for all are basic first steps in healing our nation as we move forward as a world leader. In our own back yards, let us all reach out to one another and try to understand our neighbors, beg to differ with respect and be willing to assist each other in times of need irrespective of gender, race and class.

Everyone has a story –listen to each other. You will be surprised how much you will learn. Maybe you could consider tutoring a student in English? This open approach can only lead to less divisiveness, more acceptance and a better future for us all. Violence and hatred on the other hand can only result in disaster and a dead end for all our children and grandchildren. Think about it!

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