This is Nerys Levy, and I’m a friend of the Carrboro Branch Library.

Over the past 25 years our group has struggled to get a fully functioning branch of the Orange County Public Library in Carrboro. We are now delighted to announce that the Southern Branch Library is becoming a reality.

Tonight, March 25 at 6pm in Carrboro’s Hickory Tavern and Saturday April 12th at 12 noon  in Carrboro Town Hall, Freelon Associates, the concept architects for the proposed library, will hold a conversation with Orange County residents about our community’s dreams and desires for this new facility and its proposed site.

Deciding what goes into a branch library is a joint process. There are the planners and politicians who visualize and approve the project, the library professionals who are experts on all the issues related to Library administration and design, and then there is us – the public who pay for it all and whose voices therefore do count. This combined input will be processed by the concept architects and will be reflected in their recommendations to the Board of Orange County Commissioners in May.

This library, like other public projects, belongs to you. Get involved and let’s hear what you have to say! So even if you had issues with this project, it’s time to move on, join the conversation and be part of this wonderful new library.