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This week on Chatham County Roundup, join Aaron Keck for a conversation with Chip Pate about “chathamlife,” a magazine newly-included in the Chatham News + Record.

The first edition of Chathamlife, a new magazine produced by the News + Record in partnership with the Chatham Chamber of Commerce, will be published later this year. Here’s a prototype of the first cover.

“[‘Chathamlife’ is] an annual publication, we do it in partnership with the Chatham chamber of commerce,” said Pate.” It’s a, it’s a 40-page glossy magazine, so it’s a little different from the paper in that way, but what we basically do is try to give people a look at life in Chatham County.”

According to Pate, the purpose of “chathamlife” is tied strongly to helping the local population learn more about where they live while also providing a window to occasional visitors and potential future residents.

“Chatham is a pretty large community, not so much in population, but it is in area, it’s about 700 square miles, give or take,” said Pate. “So what we want to do is to celebrate the local lifestyle, let people learn about the interesting things happening around them, and maybe introduce other people to Chatham. Readers outside the area, maybe people in Chapel Hill or somewhere else in the Triangle, who don’t visit all that often, but may even be considering Chatham as a place to live.”

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