Welcome to the August edition of Cappy Hour on 97.9 The Hill! It’s hot out there – so cool down with a shot of real estate with Cappy Hagman of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston. On the last Friday of each month, Cappy joins Aaron Keck for a discussion of all things local real estate.

We’ve now been living in the “time of Corona” for over six months, and the financial impacts of lay-offs and hiring freezes are continuing to effect local families. While Cappy isn’t a financial expert, she did speak candidly about her and her husbands’ experience with the crash of 2008.

Cappy shared that they made two major mistakes. The first was not acting fast enough in listing their home. The second, as Cappy explained, was creating a “bubble of hope” that it was going to end quickly. According to Cappy, in the end, their “inactivity and indecisiveness”, along with fake hope cost them “a ton of money, and time, and life energy.

For those who have lost their job and need to open up their options for applying, renting may be the best option. A benefit of renting is that “you’re lighter on your feet,” meaning you can go where the job opportunity is and not be tied to an area because of home-ownership.

Even if you’re not sure what is next for you in terms of buying, selling, or renting, you can still get in touch with Cappy to ask questions. Cappy is ready to go to work for you! Email CappyHour@wchl.com with questions and to be connected with Cappy directly.

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Cappy Hagman is a native North Carolinian and proud graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.  She has lived most of her adult life in the Triangle and thinks it is just the best place to live!  Cappy has been a licensed Real Estate agent since 2004 and to this day she greets her job with the same excitement and enthusiasm as she did on day one.  Cappy believes her clients deserve the best and that’s what she strives to deliver everyday!