“That’s why when you think of what’s in the museum, is Carolina basketball, but it’s about bringing people to the whole campus.  You hope that when a group comes through, and maybe they’re coming specifically to the Basketball Museum, but they also then go see other parts of campus. They come to Chapel Hill, they come to Franklin Street.

I know when I go elsewhere, if I go to Fenway Park in Boston, I’m going to get a T-Shirt, or a hat, I’m going to get my kids something that says “Hey, I was there!” And that’s when the groups come through and they come to the Basketball Museum we know they go then to someplace whether it’s the student stores, or they go some place on Franklin Street or in the mall and they want to get something that says “Hey I was there.” and that’s great for the economy and it makes that connection that months later, “Hey, that Carolina, where’d you get that?” Well when I went to the Carolina Basketball Museum I stopped by and got my shirt, so there’s a lot of benefits to it.”

– Steve Kirschner, Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Communications at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill