October is right around the corner (I’m as surprised by that as you are! If you are.) which means HALLOWEEN is coming! Actually, according to my supermarket, Halloween has been coming since September 1st. But since they now make...

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Faulty Power Coupling

So the big news in the comic book world this week is that Superman and Wonder Woman are becoming a couple and will be a couple in every relevant DC book (and probably some irrelevant ones, to sell more copies). For someone who...

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It's The Remix To Ignatz Wins

I’ve talked about comic book awards here before — specifically, the Eisners, which I likened to the Oscars of comics. But this week the Ignatz nominees were announced, and I’ll confess that I often like Ignatz Award...

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I'm Playing The Whedon Game

I know, I know: just last week I was trying to stay away from getting all excited about superhero movie news. But with the whole Joss Whedon being officially on board not just for Avengers 2 but for an Avengers TV show, I...

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