CHAPEL HILL – Jan Boxill, UNC’s Faculty Chair, said Monday that the news of Sylvia Hatchell’s diagnosis of leukemia came as a shock.

“I just talked to Coach Hatchell on Thursday night and she said she was going for tests, but I don’t think either of us expected this.”

WCHL’s Aaron Keck spoke with Boxill on the WCHL Monday Evening News.

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Boxill said she’s had a close relationship with Carolina’s head women’s basketball coach. She spoke with former Tar Heel basketball great, Rashanda McCants, just after the announcement of the diagnosis was released.

“I’ve known Sylvia since the day she walked on to campus and have been with her and worked with her. This is really a shock. I think her strong faith, as well as spirit will bring her through this.” Boxill said.

Hatchell is temporarily stepping away from her on-the-court coaching responsibilities. She said in a statement Monday that she plans to remain involved in the day-to-day operations of the basketball program and will return to sideline responsibilities as soon as possible.