The Daily Tar Heel‘s editor-in-chief for the 2013-14 school year, Nicole Comparato covered an academic scandal and reports of sexual assault on UNC’s campus, among many other things. But in her coverage, trying to get comments from first-year Chancellor Carol Folt or other administrators wasn’t always an easy endeavor.

“I think that it would benefit them more to be a little bit more open, a little more transparent, even though they’re saying this new website, Carolina Commitment, is what’s supposed to be transparent, and all that.” Comparato stated. “Of course, it’s frustrating.”

On a more personal level, Comparato spoke out about how she has witnessed the rest of the UNC student body handling these scandals. She claims that these problems are not going to be solved until the whole truth is exposed.

“I think students have been frustrated with it. I think that at the end of the day, they’ll still love the university.” Comparato explained. “But every time it gets dragged into the national headlines, and you see it on the scroll on ESPN, or something else coming up, I think it hurts a little bit. And I think that’s something that’s not going to go away.”

In her pursuits to be honest on all that has transpired with the university, Comparato says she has also encountered individuals who feel that her contributions are not impacting UNC in a positive way.

“People are always like, ‘Why do you want to expose all this stuff?’ It’s not that I necessarily want that, but I really care about this university, and I care about my degree, and I care about its reputation. So, I think it would be just better if everything was just out there, and we move on.”

Comparato stated that she is also eagerly awaiting the results of the Wainstein report, in order to finally have all of the answers.

Comparato joined Ron Stutts and Ran Northam on the WCHL Morning News Thursday to discuss her time leading the campus newspaper and her four years as a Tar Heel.

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