CHAPEL HILL – UNC head men’s basketball coach, Roy Williams, says he’s tired of talking about the ‘P.J. Hairston situation’, but fans and foes alike are still waiting to see if the University or NCAA will be taking any action.

According to USA Today Sports writer, Eric Prisbell, neither the NCAA nor UNC have contacted Hayden “Fats” Thomas’ attorney, Randy Griffin, about speaking with Thomas. He shared that news Monday via Twitter.

Hairston was first stopped for speeding in May while driving a car registered in the name of a woman who reportedly shares the mailing address with Thomas. Thomas officially came into the picture in early June when Hairston was arrested at a police check-point after being found in possession of marijuana and driving a car registered to Thomas without a license. Those charges were dropped in late July. Six days after the charges were dropped, Hairston was once again charged for speeding when driving a female friend’s car in Salisbury.

Questions still remain as to whether or not the June 5 arrest could lead to connections of improper benefits. Previous reports connected Thomas, a convicted felon, with other local high-profile candidates including John Henson, Leslie McDonald, Duke’s Desmond Scott, and even nation ties like former OhioState quarterback Terrelle Pryor.