CHAPEL HILL– The Tar Heels can finish the regular season with a 7-5 record with a win against Duke this Saturday. That would make six straight wins. Few would have thought Carolina would be playing such a meaningful game the final weekend of the regular season.

Head Coach Larry Fedora says he’s not surprised at all. He never had any doubts of an eventual Tar Heel turnaround.

“I never doubted it actually. I knew if we continued to get a little bit better, if we continued to believe, hold this team together, they keep working hard and have great attitudes, there was no doubt in my mind,” Coach Fedora says.

And like a broken record, Coach Fedora continues to hammer home the patented mantra of the 2013 Carolina football season.

“That’s what they’ve done. They focused on being 1-0 each week. They’ve given one more inch. They’ve found a way, and they’ve done whatever it takes. Again, that will be our entire focus this week,” Coach Fedora says.

Freshman sensation Ryan Switzer says he’s getting tired of Coach Fedora’s motivational tactics. He says those videos, of the Duke team spray painting the Victory Bell after last season’s defeat, are getting old. 

“Here we go again. They did the same thing with N.C. State. It gets tiring looking at it on the TV’s all day-in the weight room, training room, and locker room. It gets old. I just can’t wait for Saturday to get here, where we can finally just go out and play and not worry about all that,” Switzer says.

Revenge is no doubt on the minds of Carolina. In fact, Switzer says the Tar Heels couldn’t imagine a better way to end the season.

“It’s a big game for us. It’s a big game for them. They’re on the run of their lives right now and have been playing great ball as of late. To finish up at home against a rival like that and one who has so much on the line, as do we. It makes for a big game, an ESPN game. We wouldn’t want to finish the season any other way, to be honest,” Switzer says.