PITTSBORO — It is hard to believe we are just about a month out from one of the greatest traditions in many towns across our region: Friday night high school football.

For many, these nights spent playing a game they love with their friends and teammates will serve as some of their fondest memories later in life.

In this edition of The Grid, WCHL’s Matt Oakes had the chance to hear from two of Coach Bill Hall’s players at Northwood High School as they gear up for the 2013 season.

Brian Diondre Harrington, Jr. – Sophomore Wide Receiver and Safety

He says his burning passion to win and to have fun while doing it really drives him to play the sport. His goals for the sophomore season are lofty: he says he wants to make the All-State team and break all the Northwood receiving and interception records. And as for the team, he isn’t easing up any. He says he has his eyes on a state title game appearance.

Harrington says he has appreciated Coach Hall’s emphasis on the team being a family by supporting each other in school and in life.

In the future, he says he wants to play football for a Division I program and then ultimately join the professional ranks in the NFL.

Jay Williams – Senior Defensive Lineman

He says the love of the game really drives him to play the sport. His goals for the season include making the playoffs and leading the defensive line in tackles. In preparation for the season, Williams says he’s been spending extra time in the weight room and studying game film from last season.

He says Coach Hall has taught him that there is always room for improvement. Off the football field, Williams says he enjoys doing whatever he can to help others. In the future, he aspires to play college football and study Sociology.

Next up on The Grid, we’ll be chatting with Cedar Ridge head coach Chris Casey which you can hear on the WCHL Friday Evening News.