Jawad Williams has had a better life than in the NBA.

With all the ballyhoo about professional basketball and the greatest players in the league – from LeBron and KD to Westbrook and Harden – most of the NBA guys don’t make as much money as you think and don’t have much of a life outside of pro hoops.

In the regard, the players who don’t have longevity in the NBA and go overseas to play have a far richer experience, if not in money than certainly in seeing, learning and knowing the world. After seven years in the NBA, Tyler Hansbrough went off to China this season for a lucrative contract that includes housing, a car and a driver when he needs to get somewhere fast in the sub-provincial city of Guangzhou, Guangdong, which has a listed population as high as 44 million people.

So you think Psycho T will expand on his knowledge of Missouri, North Carolina and Indiana? Former Tar Heels, like Hansbrough’s teammate Marcus Ginyard and 2005 NCAA championship member Jawad Williams have far better stories to tell, if not more money in the bank, than NBA players.

Check out jawadwilliams.com or @WORLDWAD to read articulate, informative and entertaining posts on Jawad’s professional career overseas. He had two stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers and two seasons in the NBA developmental league, but his 11 stops in Europe and Asia have turned him into a world traveler with stories to tell that you just can’t find by staying in your homeland.

His latest is why he loves Japan and how he has learned to negotiate his way around that crowded country, where he doesn’t speak the language very well but still finds the Japanese people to be courteous in general and to him personally.

He tells one great tale about how a person he did not know and could barely understand his request led him to the right subway stop, and as the two hustled over there the masses in the subway station all stayed to the left so commuters could have a lane to move swiftly and not have to zigzag through crowds like in big city subways here.

Jawad talks about other foreign customs in well-written posts and pictures with his college sweetheart wife Angela and their two beautiful kids. Nope, the NBA is not the end-all-be-all.