Here is my grown-up Christmas list that I hope comes true.

Although the most important Christmas List is the song by Kelly Clarkson – no more lives torn apart, that wars would never start, everyone would have a friend and right would always win – here is my wish list for my favorite world.

That Larry Fedora would complete what has begun as a solid recruiting class, that 3-9 seasons are a thing of the past and that fans will come out to see the Tar Heels play before they decide his team has to win in order to attend.

That Roy Williams enjoys the new found praise he has received as a great basketball coach, builder of programs and father figure to his players, past and present. Additionally, that he takes care of his health so he can be our coach into his 70s.

That the Carolina Panthers find consistency from their quarterback to their coaching, run the table in the NFC and make it back to a second Super Bowl in three years – this time play a team it can beat on the field and in the mental game, as well.

That the Carolina Hurricanes win enough games to make the playoffs and snap the longest post-season drought in the National Hockey League. Though not a big fan, I hate seeing one of our local teams tabbed nationally as a perennial loser.

That UNC athletics finds peace from the outside world looking in after more than half a decade of heartache from inside and more bad publicity than any NCAA penalty could create. Also that those who worked so hard to fix what was broken and defend their university have a much different kind of 2018.

That all of those dedicated high school coaches and athletes get the satisfaction they deserve from hard work every day in practice, whether it be a big victory or the joy of working together for a common goal that only team sports can bring.

And that all those little league, AAU and organized sports coaches develop an awareness of what Lavar Ball is doing as a parent, an overbearing publicity hound that says all the wrong things and hasn’t made a right move with any of his three kids.

He is a blessing for families to watch and conduct themselves in contrast to every way the Big Baller Brand loud mouth and lousy role model lives his life. Sometimes the wrong way can be a gift to those who want to do it better.