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CHAPEL HILL– The 3-3 Boston College Eagles present the next challenge for a Tar Heel team hungry to get back in the win column.

Coach Addazio says he thinks the bye week came at the right time for the Eagles.

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Coach Addazio

“We had come off a tough road game and a physical stretch of playing some pretty good opponents. We felt like we needed a chance to gather ourselves a little bit,” Coach Addazio says.

Boston College stayed competitive with both Florida State and Clemson earlier in the season; two of the top teams in the ACC. Coach Addazio says his team is learning how to play tough and physical through four quarters.

“We’re learning how to be a physical, tough team that plays with a lot of energy and a lot of passion. And that’s the footprint that we want here. I think that to this point we’ve been a scrappy hard-playing football team,” Coach Addazio says.

And with the ACC’s leading rusher, Andre Williams, in their backfield, the Eagles will be confident in their chances Saturday.

“He’s got a good offensive line in front of him. He’s a big, fast, physical guy. He’s 230 pound guy who runs a 4.5. He’s got speed and power, and he’s got a good front in front of him. So those combinations usually work pretty well,” Coach Addazio says.