The Baxter Bar and Arcade has been open on Graham Street since 2014, boasting over 50 vintage and original arcade games and a full bar stocked with any and everything you’d want during a night out on the Midway!

With machine prices set to match what they were originally and a chalkboard boasting high scores, The Baxter is a throwback in the best of ways. From trivia to dance parties, karaoke to private events, it’s a fixture on the Midway that keeps folks coming back.

Listen below for a conversation with Nick Stroud — co-owner of The Baxter as well as some other familiar locations around town such as Local 506 and The Belltree — about video game maintenance, whether The Baxter is actually in Carrboro or Chapel Hill, the potential return of fan-favorite event Jawsfest, and a great deal more!

(photos by Jada Jarillo)