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Welcome to “Embrace The Space!” A monthly segment presented by Trinsic Residential Group, “Embrace The Space” features conversations with experts and professionals in town planning, discussing how differing concepts — from land use and housing to transportation and beyond – all come together to create a community that works, and works for people. This month, 97.9 The Hill’s Aaron Keck was joined by Scott Underwood, of Woodfield Developments, to talk about taking the lead on big projects and building practical multi-family housing.

“Woodfield Development, we’re a ground-up multi-family developer,” said Underwood. “… I’ve been doing this for about eight years now, I grew up in the area, and I focus myself on our projects in the Triangle — including one project we have right now in Chapel Hill.”

The Hartley, in the Blue Hill District, is one of the current local Woodfield project. Taking on large projects is often a huge undertaking and difficult proposition in the best of times, and working in Chapel Hill is no different, according to Underwood.

“We talk about barriers to entry in our markets, and from a development standpoint, that can be a good thing. It limits some of the competition, and if that’s the case because the municipality is taking a very deliberate and methodical approach to the process, I think it can be something where everybody wins,” said Underwood. “In the past, in Chapel Hill, unfortunately there have been roadblocks to development where I think not everybody is winning. I think that’s part of why maybe you’re having some of these conversations and talking about the community and the development process because it’s important everybody is involved and has the full picture, at the end of the day.”

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“Embrace The Space” is a monthly segment presented by Trinsic Residential Group on 97.9 The Hill and featuring conversations with experts and professionals exploring town planning, from land use to housing to transportation, and examine how so much works together to form a place where people can not only live — but thrive.

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