James Moeser

UNC Chancellor Emeritus: Leaving Silent Sam in Place is ‘Untenable’

Amid the protest against Silent Sam last Tuesday night, Chancellor Emeritus James Moeser was watching on as the crowd chanted to tear down the monument to the Confederacy. “I used to be of the mind that we should contextualize history,” Moeser told WCHL in an interview at the rally. “We need to put a plaque around Silent Sam to give the true story of its history, but Charlottesville changed my mind.” Moeser was referring to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month where a counter protester was killed. That rally sparked national debate and action in...

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“They’re Just Bleating Sheep”: CH Leaders Assail State UNC Cuts

CHAPEL HILL – UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp is stepping down from his post in June after five years on the job—leaving incoming Chancellor Carol Folt with the unenviable task of guiding the university through a time of continued challenges, sparked primarily by ongoing state-level cuts. As the Chapel Hill community prepares for the transition, local residents and University leaders alike say they’re concerned about the future. “We’re at an extraordinary time,” says the Word Factory’s Margot Lester. “It sort of feels to me that we’re almost under siege.” Torin Martinez of UNC Health Care agrees. “I feel there’s an attack on public education in Raleigh,” he says. Lester and Martinez made those comments on a panel about the future of UNC after Holden Thorp at WCHL’s annual Community Forum on Thursday. And they weren’t alone: Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt had even stronger words for the General Assembly. “They’re being led by their gut, by these outside agencies like ALEC…and they’re just bleating sheep,” he says. “They just kind of go and enact this agenda that is at odds with the future–not only of our university and cities, but this state. And as they continue to infect legislators across the country, it puts our whole nation at risk.” On campus, UNC student body president Christy Lambden says the state-mandated tuition hike for out-of-state students is already having a profound...

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Five Years Later, The Pain Is Fading But The Memories Are Still Strong

CHAPEL HILL – Five years have come and gone since UNC Student Body President Eve Carson was killed, and the University’s former Chancellor James Moeser says though the pain is still there, it gets easier each year to focus more on the good things rather than the loss. “I think for most of us, and especially for the students that didn’t really know her, there’s not that kind of visceral, emotional reaction so mush as there is a recognition of what a beautiful person she was and how much she contributed,” Moeser says. Hardly any of the students who walk the campus now were here that tragic day on March 5, 2008. Even though she was the Student Body President, memories can fade over the years. Moeser says Carson was special, though. “The fact that we’re still talking about Eve says it all,” Moeser says. “She was such a vibrant personality. She really was a transformational student on this campus, and (therefore) I think she lives on in the causes that she supported.” One of those causes is a scholarship that Moeser says Carson was in favor of during her time at UNC. “The scholarship program continues to go,” Moeser says. “It’s a public service scholarship (and) really was Eve’s idea to create that scholarship. After she was killed, we named it for her. But, it was really her...

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