RALEIGH – National Weather Server meteorologist Ryan Ellis says this winter weather system is likely to look different than the last one that came through the Triangle, which dropped the heaviest frozen precipitation to the east.

“If you’re in the western portions of the Triangle—so Chapel Hill—(you) probably (have) more of a chance of the four inches than say if you’re over in Raleigh or east Raleigh,” Ellis says.

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The Triangle is projected to get hit with two to four inches Wednesday and Thursday.

Ellis says the worst of the weather won’t arrive until late Tuesday and early Wednesday in Orange County at which time the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch. But, he says that’s not true for the entire state.

“Today should be pretty benign if you’re in the Chapel Hill area and even into the Triangle,” Ellis says. “But if you’re traveling south this morning and into the early afternoon, southern portions of the state could see up to 1-3 inches of snow as you get closer to the South Carolina border.”


Winter Storm Warning