CHAPEL HILL – In the aftermath of Sunday’s flood, Chapel Hill police have been looking out for lootings around abandoned or damaged apartments and homes.

But so far, according to Chapel Hill police Sergeant Josh Mecimore, there have been no confirmed reports of looting/

“We did have one report of somebody – a suspicious person – around Camelot,” Sgt. Mecimore said. “There wasn’t anything taken and it didn’t appear that the person was there when the officers got there.”

Among other concerns in the area related to flooding is damage to local roads. Sgt. Mecimore says engineers looked at roads that historically had a high chance of being washed away by runoff, like Meadowbrook Drive.

“I think that was an area that they had noticed some conditions that were not looking great,” Sgt. Mecimore says. “As a precaution, they decided to close it.”

Sgt. Mecimore adds that many who were in the shelter at Smith Middle School for displaced residents have been able to move either back to their home or to some other living situation.

“Last I saw, it was still open,” Sgt. Mecimore says. “But I don’t know how much longer that will be the case if they’ve been able to place all of those who were displaced by the storm.”

The Orange County Housing, Human Rights and Community Development Department is looking for rental property in Chapel Hill-Carrboro to put displaced residents.

Property managers and apartment communities with vacancies are asked to contact the department.

The Red Cross and FEMA, along with Orange County officials, have also set up a storefront at University Mall to provide displaced residents with food and clothing.