CHAPEL HILL – Earlier this month, CNN released an investigation that concluded athletes at UNC and other major public universities read at levels well below those of non-athletes.  Mary Willingham, an academic advisor at Carolina, told CNN that her research found that between eight and ten percent of UNC football and basketball players read below a 3rd grade level.

“We may as well just go over to Glenwood Elementary right up the street and just let all the fourth graders in here, the third graders in here,” Willingham told Carolina Connection‘s Andy Rosen.

The reaction from UNC leaders was strong and swift. Provost Jim Dean said “These claims have been unfair to the students, unfair to the admissions officers, unfair to the university.” Carolina’s institutional review board ordered Willingham to stop her research, pending a review.

Willingham has been a polarizing figure in the Tar Heel community for the past month. Rosen sat down with her to discuss the research and why she went public.

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