CHAPEL HILL – UNC clinical counselor and academic advisor Mary Willingham says she’s considering a lawsuit against Provost Jim Dean for his comments about her release of data to the public.

In an interview with the Daily Tar Heel, Willingham said she’s singling out Provost Dean because “he’s the one that said I was lying, and he’s the one that said it was a travesty to the University.”

Willingham released her research to CNN on January 8 saying that an alarming number of UNC student-athletes can’t read. Carolina followed that report with a study of its own that debunked the claim.

Immediately following the release by UNC, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) suspended Willingham’s research and said she must reapply. The concern revolved around the use of student-atheletes’ names in the report.

Willingham told WCHL on January 31 that she was weighing all her options of her next steps. Now, the DTH says she’s even consulting a whistleblower protection agency along with her attorney.

UNC is currently conducting a more in-depth review of the data and claims. The University has not commented on who is on the review panel or when the findings are scheduled to be released.