UNC will receive a “high-level” update at Friday’s Board of Governors meeting from the investigator hired to conduct an independent investigation into the University’s past academic and athletic irregularities.

The University hired former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein in January to conduct the investigation.

Wainstein has informed UNC that no factual findings will be shared in the update, because his investigation is not yet complete. He has told the University that he hopes to have the investigation concluded before classes begin this fall.

In response to a request for a statement from UNC about the latest in the investigation and the academic scandal, the University released the following:

“At this time, we think it is best to allow Ken Wainstein to continue his work without the University creating a concurrent review of every claim that arises. Once Mr. Wainstein has completed his work, and makes that public, we will be very interested in sharing our plans for moving forward.”