On Monday, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., UNC will perform an emergency drill on campus.

In the drill, there will be actors strategically placed throughout campus as victims and other involved individuals to simulate a real emergency. Uniformed responders behave as though it is a genuine emergency. Emergency vehicles and personnel can be found around Manning Drive, particularly close to the intersection with Ridge Road.

Randy Young of the UNC Department of Public Safety previews which roads near UNC campus will be involved in the duration of the drill.

“The roadways on campus that will be impacted by this emergency drill will be a small section of Manning Drive between the lower entrance to Skipper Bowles Drive and the Ridge Road intersection,” says Young.

Young states that most of what the drill will entail is unknown even to the emergency service teams, in order to emulate an actual emergency situation.

“It’s actually not disclosed,” Young says. “We’ve had tabletop sessions that will involve some kind of an alert, but a lot of this is something that is revealed to us as the drill unfolds.”

Other emergency services will be involved, Young says, as they would participate in kind in a real-life emergency scenario.

“Traditionally, other agencies are active participants in this,” says Young, “primarily because of the fact that in anything that rises to this level would impact and necessitate the cooperation and collaboration with other agencies in the area.”

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