CHAPEL HILL – Newly released emails show that Jan Boxill, UNC’s Faculty Council Chairman, asked colleagues to re-write segments of an academic fraud report, according to an article by The News and Observer.

Dan Kane, writer for The N & O, alleged that Boxill did this to lessen the likelihood of further NCAA investigations. As the elected faculty leader, Boxill is one of UNC’s top academic officers.

Emails sent by Boxill show that just before the report’s release on July 26, 2012, Boxill sent the three faculty report writers a last minute correspondence. She suggested they edit a sentence which alluded to a department manager creating made-up classes to protect athletes’ eligibility to play sports, Kane reported.  Campus emails are public record. The report authors agreed to it, and some information was left out of the final version.

In email messages to The N & O, Boxill said she only passed along the suggestions of others and did not identify who provided them.

WCHL’s calls and an email to Boxill were not returned Sunday.