Former UNC football player Ryan Hoffman was flown to the university, on Tuesday, to undergo further evaluation.

Carolina sent a private plane to bring Hoffman back from Florida.

He will reportedly be going into university outpatient care.

A New York Times story earlier this month brought to light that Hoffman was homeless in Lakeland, Florida. The piece said that Hoffman has struggled with cognitive issues that keep him from holding a steady job, problems that he says stems from his years playing football in the late-90’s.

A second Times story alleged that Hoffman was second guessing the decision to receive help.

Former teammates have been working to raise funds to help the Tar Heel receive the care that he needs at UNC.

In earlier conversations, Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham told WCHL that an effort was underway to bring Hoffman to Chapel Hill to be evaluated by Kevin Guskiewicz, Co-Director of the Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center at UNC.

UNC would not comment on details Tuesday afternoon.

To donate to Hoffman’s cause, click here.