Overnight parking fees at UNC have been put on hold.

The University’s new Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Matt Fajack sent out an email to faculty and staff last week stating the plan, which was scheduled to take effect August 15, needed more time to work out any potential issues.

That plan called for overnight parking passes as a necessity to park on campus and therefore an associated fee. Many people were outspoken about the change. Some people called safety into question as it could cause the need for people to walk longer distances in the dark if they didn’t have a pass.

Because of the outpouring of concern, Fajack, in his email, said further study was needed to make sure the proper questions about alternative transportation, equity, and safety have all been asked.

Anyone who has paid for the parking pass will be refunded the money. University employees were given the option to have the fees automatically deducted from their paycheck; those automatic deductions will be cancelled.

The parking fees were part of a five-year transportation plan the UNC Board of Trustees implemented in 2011. Fajack said he hopes everyone will participate in future discussions about the plan that will soon become available.